Tourtainment is creating a unique contents that only Tourtainment can make

Tourtainment has the know-how in the original business area, combining star & broadcasting content marketing Infrastructure and tourism networks based on various business including marketing projects such as drama production, entertainment management, PPL & production support for film and variety show, K-Pop star events and various event promotion projects, overseas filming coordination, video content production, inbound and outbound businesses

Overseas Filming Coordination

Tourtainment is working on a various overseas filming coordination such as drama, movie, variety show based on networks with Modetour and overseas production

Marketing & PPL

Tourtainment is working on a various promotion and event projects, PPL and production support by incorporation with star, entertainment agency, production company 


Tourtainment is expanding own capabilities as a production company by making a contract with writer Sunhyung Oh

Tourtainment know which kind of contents is beloved by audience, through a various projects Tourtainment did for 10 years

Tourtainment will strive to become the best in the world, based on the trust of artists, managers, and staff

CEO Kyung Woo, Lee